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Jane the Virgin: CW’s Entertaining Comedy

CW latest comedy series, Jane the Virgin, offered a new take on the traditional Venezuelan telenovela, Juana la Virgen, by focusing on a good-natured woman who finds herself in the most unlikely of situations. The series is […]

Scoring Big Savings in Beautiful GulfPort, MS

When income levels are low, it becomes even more important to cut expenditure down as much as possible. For many residents of Mississippi, which held the somewhat dubious distinction of being the least well off state in […]

Huawei Goes Big & Bold with Ascend Mate 7

Since giving birth to the first device in its flagship Ascend series in 2010, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has been going about the process of surrounding it with siblings with a level of verve that’s probably never […]

The Flash: CW’s Latest Comic-Inspired Hit Series

In 2012, CW debuted Arrow, a series based on the DC Comics superhero called Green Arrow. This series garnered much success and resulted in the debut of CW’s most recent comic-based series, The Flash. This spinoff follows […]

Reduce Threats Posed by Hackers

There’s been a big upsurge in the incidents of hacking recently. Many of the highly publicized cases involving major retailers, high profile celebrities, and even government agencies confirm one thing: no one is immune to the dangers […]