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Smartphone MIA? Locate It with These Top Tracking Apps

If you own a phone, whether smart or otherwise, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve found yourself frantically searching for it at some point or the other. In the best case scenario, you eventually find it […]

What Would’ve Made “Deep Breath” Perfect

Some “Doctor Who” Nips and Tucks So Doctor Who’s Season 8 opener premiered on Saturday, August 23 to mostly positive reviews for the newly minted 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who showed his more serious and darker version […]

DISH-Sprint Fixed TD-LTE Trials to Begin Soon

There are still vast numbers of people living in the United States today who don’t have reliable and consistent access to broadband Internet service. Many of these individuals are often left out of the high-speed Internet loop […]

Doctor Who Fans Take a “Deep Breath”

Peter Capaldi steps into the TARDIS The last time we saw the Doctor, he had already gone through his 12th (or 13th, depending on how you look at it) regeneration and was complaining about the color of […]

8 Old Faces in New Places for 2014 NFL Season

The 2014 NFL regular season is set to kick off on Thursday, September 4, with reigning Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks hosting the Green Bay Packers at their CenturyLink Field fortress. As usual, there are numerous NFL-related […]